Article Checklist

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Article Checklist

Unlock the power of effective blogging by utilizing our comprehensive and meticulously curated blog article checklist.

This step-by-step plan, designed for both beginners and seasoned bloggers, will help you consistently produce engaging, SEO-optimized articles that draw in your readers and keep them hooked from start to finish.

Article Checklist

A successful blog post isn’t born out of randomness; it requires careful planning, structuring, and strategic optimization.

This article is your detailed roadmap to creating a blog post that stands out from the crowd, engages your audience, and bolsters your online presence.

Let’s take a look at every single step to make your blog articles shine.

  1. Create a Click-Worthy Title:
    • Start with a working title that’s broad, then refine it.
    • Incorporate your target keyword for SEO.
    • Limit your title to between 50-70 characters.
    • Add emotional or power words to enhance click-through rates.
  2. Write an Engaging Introduction:
    • Begin with a compelling hook – a statistic, a question, or a bold statement.
    • Provide context for what you’re going to cover.
    • Include your keyword in the first 100 words.
  3. Plan Out Your Content with Subheadings:
    • Break your content into sections with H2 and H3 subheadings.
    • Ensure each section delivers on the promise of its subheading.
  4. Craft the Body of Your Content:
    • Start each section with a topic sentence.
    • Use short sentences and paragraphs for readability.
    • Inject your unique voice or style.
    • Convey each point effectively using anecdotes, data, or examples.
  5. Add Internal and External Links:
    • Insert at least two internal links to your other relevant blog posts.
    • Add a couple of external links to authoritative resources.
    • Check all links to ensure they work and lead to high-quality websites.
  6. Include Relevant Visuals:
    • Find or create high-quality images, infographics, or videos.
    • Insert these visuals strategically throughout your content.
    • Write descriptive alt text for each visual for SEO.
    • Ensure each visual has a relevant title.
    • Compress images if necessary to improve load speed.
  7. Conclude with a Strong Call to Action (CTA):
    • Restate your main points or value proposition.
    • Direct your readers to their next action – reading another blog post, subscribing to a newsletter, buying a product, etc.
  8. Optimize Your Blog Post for SEO:
    • Include your keyword in the title, introduction, subheadings, and a few times in the body content.
    • Write a meta description including your keyword, and keep it under 120 characters.
    • Ensure your URL slug is SEO-friendly and contains your keyword.
  9. Proofread, Edit, and Format Your Blog Post:
    • Review your post for any grammatical errors, run-on sentences, or typos.
    • Format your post for readability: use bullet points, numbered lists, and block quotes as needed.
    • Preview your post to see how it appears to readers.

There’s more to an exceptional blog post than meets the eye.

It involves careful planning, engaging storytelling, strategic SEO, and minute attention to detail.

With this step-by-step checklist at your disposal, you’re now equipped with a fail-proof roadmap to crafting blog articles that deliver value, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impact.

So get writing, because the blogging world is eager for your next post!

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