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Our Brand Strategy section offers articles that help businesses define, build, and sustain their brand for long-term success.

brand strategy

Brand Strategy: How to Build a Powerful Brand

Billie Hillier

Having a powerful brand can be the differentiator between success and failure. More than just a logo or tagline, a ...


Crafting Your Brand’s Look: Designing Visual Elements and Logo

Billie Hillier

Picture your brand as a person at a grand party. What should they wear to stand out from the crowd? ...

Color Theory

Untangling the Rainbow: Guide to Color Theory

Billie Hillier

Mastering color theory is a gateway to powerful visual communication. Explore the vibrant world of colors, explore their meanings, effects, ...

Brand Identity

Unraveling Your Brand Identity

Billie Hillier

Creating a powerful brand identity is like building a strong personality – it’s what sets you apart from the rest. ...

Brand Voice and Messaging

Cultivating a Resonant Echo: Developing Your Brand Voice and Messaging

Billie Hillier

Much like an individual, your brand needs a unique voice. It’s the tone and style in which you communicate, and ...

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