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Product Review Blogs

When diving into the diverse world of product reviews, it’s essential to have reliable, trustworthy sources. That’s where product review blogs come in – digital platforms offering in-depth evaluations on a myriad of products from tech gadgets to lipsticks, books, and even garden tools.

These blogs have not only become go-to guides for consumers making informed decisions but also a rich resource for aspiring review bloggers who want to learn from the best.

I did product reviews for about five years and while it was a lot of fun having the doorbell ring multiple times a day with Fed-Ex and UPS dropping off new products, it was A LOT OF WORK.

This article offers a curated list of top product review blogs, neatly grouped by niche, complete with a brief description of what makes each blog worth your time.

If you are an aspiring product review blogger aiming to hone your craft take a peek at the sites in your niche to understand how they engage with their audience.

Product Review Blogs

Product Review Blogs

Beauty and Fashion Review Blogs

  1. Hypebae: For the modern woman who loves streetwear and beauty, Hypebae is a treasure trove. Its detailed reviews cover everything from makeup to sneakers, all written with an engaging, informal tone.
  2. Into The Gloss: Into The Gloss brings high-quality content with a sleek aesthetic, offering readers beauty tips, interviews, and product reviews. This blog’s expertise and insider access make it a must-read for beauty aficionados.
  3. Repeller (Man Repeller): Repeller stands out with its unique, personal take on fashion. It provides an array of style guides, trend analyses, and product reviews, emphasizing personal expression over following trends.
  4. Temptalia: Temptalia, created by Christine Mielke, provides a vast array of makeup reviews. Each product is extensively tested, and readers appreciate the in-depth coverage, swatches, and detailed analysis.
  5. The Fashion Spot: As an engaging blog, The Fashion Spot specializes in fashion reviews. It brings insider insights on new trends, fashion show analysis, and celebrity style, providing a one-stop-shop for fashion enthusiasts.

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Food Review Blogs

  1. Eater: While Eater is widely known for its restaurant reviews, it also features in-depth coverage of cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, and food trends. It’s an essential resource for foodies seeking well-rounded culinary content.
  2. Food52: While Food52 features recipes, it also offers rigorous product reviews in its Shop section. They test and endorse kitchen gadgets, appliances, and cookware, making them a reliable resource for cooking enthusiasts.
  3. Serious Eats: Serious Eats combines restaurant reviews with in-depth explorations of cooking techniques, ingredients, and food science. This blog satisfies the culinary cravings of novices and food nerds alike.
  4. Smitten Kitchen: Home cook Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen shares not only her recipes but also reviews of her kitchen gadgets. Her honest opinions help readers find the best tools for their culinary adventures.
  5. Sprouted Kitchen: Sprouted Kitchen combines delicious, healthy recipes with product reviews, focusing on wholesome, sustainable ingredients and tools. The blog’s holistic approach to food makes it stand out.

Book Review Blogs

  1. Book Riot: Book Riot offers a wealth of book reviews across multiple genres. Its reviews are detailed, engaging, and written in a conversational tone, allowing readers to discover their next favorite book with ease.
  2. Modern Mrs. Darcy: Modern Mrs. Darcy explores a wide range of literature, from contemporary fiction to timeless classics. Readers love the thoughtful reviews and book club discussions that the blog offers.
  3. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: A unique blog that specializes in romance novel reviews. They provide in-depth reviews with a heavy dose of humor, offering an enjoyable reading experience while helping fans of the genre find their next page-turner.
  4. The Book Smugglers: The Book Smugglers offers insightful reviews on science fiction and fantasy books. Run by two passionate readers, the blog’s detailed reviews and engaging discussions make it a favorite among genre fans.
  5. The Millions: An online magazine offering a broad spectrum of book reviews, essays, and author interviews. The Millions serves as a comprehensive resource for bibliophiles looking to discover their next great read.

Home and Garden Review Blogs

  1. Gardenista: A top pick for gardening fans, Gardenista reviews all things related to gardens. From outdoor furniture to plants and tools, they cover it all in detail, making it a useful resource for gardeners at any experience level.
  2. Wirecutter: A product of The New York Times, Wirecutter conducts extensive testing on home and garden products. They provide readers with in-depth reviews and practical advice, helping them make smart purchasing decisions.
  3. Apartment Therapy: From small space solutions to in-depth furniture reviews, Apartment Therapy is a trusted resource for all things home. It’s praised for its practical advice and stylish inspiration.
  4. Epic Gardening: Epic Gardening offers reviews on a variety of gardening tools and equipment, guiding readers on how to create their dream gardens. The blog’s hands-on approach and simple explanations make gardening accessible to everyone.

Tech Review Blogs

  1. Ars Technica: A compelling blend of news, analysis, and reviews makes Ars Technica a go-to for tech enthusiasts. Its extensive coverage spans from consumer tech to business news, helping readers make sense of the fast-paced tech world.
  2. Gizmodo: Gizmodo’s signature style combines humor with a tech enthusiast’s thoroughness, offering reviews on a wide range of gadgets. Readers appreciate the balance of tech deep-dives and accessible writing.
  3. CNET: CNET stands as a giant in the tech review world, renowned for its authoritative, comprehensive reviews on everything from gadgets to software. They conduct rigorous testing to help consumers make informed decisions.
  4. Engadget: Engadget is a multilingual technology blog network that provides the tech-savvy with updates on the latest developments and gadgets. Their comprehensive reviews are written with a depth that both newcomers and experts can appreciate.
  5. TechRadar: TechRadar focuses on providing detailed and easy-to-understand tech reviews. Its team of experts provides authoritative reviews on products ranging from mobile devices to computing equipment and even software.

Travel Review Blogs

  1. The Points Guy: The Points Guy is an invaluable resource for savvy travelers looking to make the most of their journeys. The blog offers comprehensive reviews and tips on maximizing travel rewards, covering airlines, hotels, and credit cards.
  2. Nomadic Matt: Nomadic Matt offers practical travel advice for the budget-conscious explorer. From country guides and budgeting tips to gear reviews, this blog makes traveling the world accessible and affordable.
  3. One Mile at a Time: One Mile at a Time offers a wealth of information about luxury travel. The blog covers airline reviews, hotel reviews, and guides on earning and spending travel points and miles.
  4. Travel Mamas: Travel Mamas is a blog for parents and families who love to travel. It offers in-depth reviews and tips on traveling with kids, from the best family-friendly destinations to practical gear for family trips.
  5. The Blonde Abroad: The Blonde Abroad is a travel and lifestyle blog featuring travel tips, fashion, festivals, and photography from around the world. The blog provides insightful reviews and recommendations for destinations, accommodations, and more.

These blogs are popular and respected for their thorough, easy-to-understand, and helpful reviews.

They serve as valuable resources for both new review bloggers looking to learn and consumers seeking honest product insights.

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