Running Giveaways on Your Website

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Running Giveaways on Your Website

Master the art of customer engagement by hosting irresistible giveaways on your website.

This guide equips you with the know-how to plan, execute, and capitalize on the full benefits of a giveaway campaign.

Discover the steps to run a successful giveaway, navigate legal nuances, apply best practices, and much more to watch your online presence flourish.

Running Giveaways on Your Website

Running Giveaways on Your Website

Giveaway Overview

A giveaway is a promotional event where you offer free goods or services to your audience. This could be anything from your best-selling product to exclusive branded merchandise.

Essentially, you’re rewarding your customers’ loyalty and enticing potential customers to engage with your brand.

A successful giveaway can skyrocket your brand’s visibility, increase customer engagement, boost sales, and ultimately foster lasting relationships with your audience.

Why Run a Giveaway – The Benefits

  • Engagement Boost A well-orchestrated giveaway can lead to a surge in engagement. It encourages your audience to interact with your brand, whether by sharing your content, commenting on posts, or visiting your website.
  • Increased Visibility As participants share your giveaway, your brand gains exposure to a wider audience. This can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility and help acquire new customers.
  • Data Collection Giveaways provide an opportunity to collect valuable data about your audience. This could be as simple as email addresses for your mailing list or more detailed information that helps you understand your audience better.
  • Fostering Brand Loyalty Hosting giveaways show appreciation for your existing customers, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

Giveaway Best Practices

  • Clear Goals Before launching your giveaway, have clear objectives in mind. Whether it’s increasing website traffic, boosting sales, or gathering data, your goals should shape the design of your giveaway.
  • Relevant Prizes Ensure that the prizes align with your brand and interest your target audience. Offering irrelevant prizes may attract the wrong audience.
  • Simple Entry Process The entry process should be straightforward to encourage participation. The easier it is to enter, the more entries you’re likely to get.
  • Promotion Promote your giveaway across all your marketing channels to increase visibility and engagement.

Rules and Laws to Be Aware Of

Giveaways are subject to rules and regulations, which vary by location. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these laws to avoid legal pitfalls. For example, in the U.S., federal and state laws regulate sweepstakes and contests.

Ensure your giveaway doesn’t inadvertently become an illegal lottery by requiring a purchase for entry or awarding the prize based on luck alone.

Recommended Disclosure Policies

If you’re giving away a product provided by a brand for free, it’s crucial to disclose this information. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires transparency about such partnerships.

An example disclosure could be, “The prizes for this giveaway were generously provided by [Brand]”.

Learn more about the Federal Trade Commission rules for content marketers.

Giveaway Tools

Several tools can streamline the process of running a giveaway. Tools like Rafflecopter, Gleam, or KingSumo can handle the technical aspects, such as entries, winner selection, and rules enforcement.

Tips for Success

  • Eye-catching Graphics Use vibrant, attention-grabbing graphics to promote your giveaway.
  • Collaboration Partnering with other businesses or influencers can increase the reach of your giveaway.
  • Timely Follow-up Once your giveaway ends, promptly announce the winner and distribute the prizes. This keeps participants engaged and trusting in your brand.


Avoid running a giveaway without understanding the rules and regulations involved. Doing so can lead to legal issues.

Ensure the security of your participants’ data. In an era of data breaches, it’s crucial to protect the information you collect during the giveaway.

Be wary of disingenuous participants who might try to game the system. Use the appropriate tools to prevent this.

Hosting a giveaway on your website can be an effective way to engage your audience, promote your brand, and gather valuable data. By following these steps, you can ensure your giveaway is a resounding success.

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